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Pneumatic Cutting Press

The Pneumatic Cutting Press is designed for quick and easy operation, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting applications. With its versatile capabilities, this cutting press is perfect for cutting various sizes of pieces with precision. The cutting dies can be fixed onto the moving top plate or sit directly onto the sample, allowing for easy die changes.

This instrument is available in two models, the 3-tonne, 3-tonne (stainless steel), and the 10-tonne model, making it a versatile choice for laboratory use and low-volume production. The Pneumatic Cutting Press is one of the most reliable cutting presses available in the market today.

We offer a large selection of cutting dies that are compatible with the Pneumatic Press, providing customers with a wide range of options to suit their requirements. Our selection caters to various international testing standards, ensuring accuracy and precision in the cutting process. These dies can be easily fixed to the press, enabling users to cut samples with ease.

Easy to use, virtually silent cutting press with dual button operation for safety.

  • 1.Stroke range:0-100mm
  • 2.Table size: 245mm×245mm
  • 3.Air pressure :0. 8MPa