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Coefficient Of Friction Tester ( COF )

Test Machines Australia is the go-to destination for customers in Australia looking for premium coefficient of friction testers (COF). Our equipment is suitable for testing the dynamic and static friction coefficient of plastic film, sheets, paper and other materials. By measuring the smoothness of the material, we can control the opening of the packaging bag, the packaging speed of the packaging machine and other production quality process indicators to meet the requirements of the product.

Coefficient friction testing is a critical aspect of many manufacturing and engineering processes, and we understand the importance of reliability, functionality, and performance for our customers. Our team at Test Machines Australia is committed to providing the highest quality COF testers, as well as sought-after distribution and manufacturing services.

In addition to providing the equipment, we also offer prompt and professional solutions in COF testing machine repair and servicing, ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience with our equipment. We are dedicated to providing support to customers across Australia and are always available to answer any questions they may have about our range of available testing machines. Whether you’re in need of a new COF tester or require servicing for your existing machine, Test Machines Australia is your trusted partner for all your COF testing needs.