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TMA-MC-1 Friction Coefficient Tester


The equipment is suitable for testing the dynamic and static friction coefficient of plastic film, sheet, paper and other materials. By measuring the smoothness of the material, we can control the opening of the packaging bag, the packaging speed of the packaging machine and other production quality process indicators to meet the requirements of the product.


  • It meets GB, ISO, and ASTM test standard.
  • The flexible drive system drives the operation more smoothly and the test precision is higher.
  • LCD full figure according to the test data, the results, curve.
  • The quantitative and discrete analysis of the test results between the slippage of the material and the test results are obtained.
  • Dynamic friction test, static friction test, free choice of static and static friction test, flexible test.
  • The results of single piece, group test results were analysed, and the output of multiple reporting modes was micro-typed.
  • It can save 6 test data and results, with curve display, query and other necessary functions.


  • Load range: 0~5 N
  • Accuracy: 0.5 grade
  • Travel: 70mm, 150mm
    Weight of the slider: 200g (Standard)
  • Test Speed: 150mm/min
  • Power requirements and dimensions: AC 220V, 50Hz, 400(L) x 300(W) x 180(H)mm
  • For further information please contact us.